student testimonials

Leeny is a shaman, a spirit guide, a seer, and a dream keeper. Her work is the gateway, the portal to the deepest wellsprings of my creativity. (Carol Katz)

Here's what she does: she sends her deep and even voice into my unconscious. “Wide open sensing”, she says. She asks what's happening. She asks again. And before I know it... (Jenni Messner)

... I am experiencing an opening of awareness and a deep connection to my unconscious. the line between everyday life and studio work, dream and reality, what is inside and outside of me are intertwining. (Hrefna Larusdottir)

My work with her led me to a radical rethinking of my creative process. Rather than charting a course, I learned to follow the path, even when I didn’t know where it led – especially when I didn’t know where it led. She taught me that some of the richest material can be mined from feelings that I would normally try to overcome as part of my creative process. Rather than trying to overcome the anxiety, fear, frustration, I learned to make it my ally. (Tim Johnson)

… All my life I knew there was a performance, a piece in me that was just waiting to be born. But all my life I was too terrified to make it. I didn’t quite know what it was, but I knew it was there. Something knocking at the walls of my body. And it was Leeny who finally heard it, and Leeny who opened the door. She held tight to my vision, even though I didn’t know what it looked like. She saw it and she saw me. (Carol Katz)

She guided me down a deep rabbit hole of meaning, unfolding layers through a heightened observation that I never knew was possible until I met her. Nobody knows what will happen, including Leeny. (Kate Sanderson Holly)

A vast amount of experiential data comes to me through this very detailed, very specific approach to creative process - a greater understanding of my self, relationships, and the energetic world both visible and invisible. …… Her brave and provocative approach has opened channels of communication for me beyond my wildest dreams. Her influence has profoundly invoked a powerful energy in my creative and spiritual life. I am entranced by her presence, in love with her being, and forever changed through her work. (Chrissy Coates)

There is an aura of absolute mystique surrounding her, such that she is able to touch the mystique of the other. The deepest layers of my being become the source for creative performance material, in a way that is unabashed, subtle yet explosive. My unconscious spouts images, words, sensations, feelings previously restrained. And there it is: the aesthetic material for creation. (Veronica Santoyo)

She is simultaneously a hyper-cool NYC downtown artist, a Jewish mother and one of the only true teachers I have known. Leeny Sack is the raw, real deal. (Audrey Nadia Rubinstein)