Sound Activism: a Vibrational Field to Protect and Protest

we are designing a sounding ‘recipe’ to organize and disseminate. locally and nationally.

this is an idea born/torn out of the unspeakable, unbreathable, unacceptable climate we have inhabited since November. 

how to respond, take action, break silence, make articulate nonverbal noise, rearrange molecules, literally lift and spread our voices. how?

inspired by women's lamentation in ancient Greece(which was outlawed because it was so powerful), keening, ululation, animal song, sound energy practices, other.

this we can do. anywhere. everywhere. in large groups, small groups, alone.                  

no singing skills needed, no words.

the starting idea is a recombinable recipe of simple, repeatable, vocal actions and sounds. 

it invites awareness and connection to other voices to create a wave, a buzz, a hum, a spontaneous hymn, a cri-de-coeur (cry of the heart). it creates a base or drone which can endure or metamorphose and has a pre-agreed upon duration. 

stay tuned …


Read "Deep Song", by Marya Lowry