Leeny is a shaman, a spirit guide, a seer; and a dream keeper.
All my life I knew there was a performance, a piece in me that
was iust waiting to be born. But all my life I was too terrified to
make it. I didn’t quite know what it was, but I knew it was there.
Something knocking at the walls of my body. And it was Leeny
who finally heard it, and Leeny who opened the door.
Her work is the gateway, the portal to the deepest wellsprings
of my creativity. She held tight to my vision, even though I
didn’t know what it looked like. She saw it and she saw it in me.
Here’s what she does. She asks me what’s going on in my head;
she asks that I articulate it. I do. She wants details. I give
them, She asks what I might be leaving out I add it. And
before I know what’s happening
But Leeny sends her deep and even voice into my unconscious
and comes back with something to show me: the way I experience the world (in the present, the past, and the future)
I did not know how much I already knew
Wide open sensing”, she says.